A colleague posed the question, What does boldness mean?   To me boldness is a centeredness that allows for accurate representation of the self, the assuredness to speak one’s mind and to move around ones life, and the security to know that one will get back to center.  Every day we have opportunities to speak, to respectfully and with good boundaries tell someone that we may be able to help.  What happens if we do not offer? What if we are more interested in how we feel, afraid that the other person may judge us.  What if what we had to say may have been important enough to save their life, or to make a shift in their perception that allowed them to speak differently to their child?  What if meeting someone’s eyes in kindness caused them to see that life was worth living?  Boldness involves the confidence to be ourselves, unburdened by the fear of being judged, trusting that we are living our purpose while trusting that others are living theirs.

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