Just 18 months ago I couldn’t have survived a day as busy as yesterday. Up at 7:00, breakfast and stretching til 7:45, first patient at 8:00. A full day of patient care, a patient education workshop, short breaks for a quick avocado, tomato and egg salad lunch and blackberries for a snack, ending at 8:30pm with some educational writing in preparation for the next day’s patients before winding down for the night.

Before I started my own Nutrition Response Testing(R) program, including the very supplements and foods that my body needs, I was tired and easily stressed, and far from the energetic and strong person I am today. Hypothyroidism was getting the best of me, and even my medications didn’t give me the strength and stamina I needed to get through even an ordinary day, much less an amazing day like today.

I have always strived to give the best care to the members of my community. Now I am confident that I am helping them fully, and the results I see in myself, my family and my patients proves that my choice to include Nutrition Response Testing in my practice was and is absolutely correct.

My deepest gratitude.

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