I have a personal testimonial about what I think may be the most important health innovation since the cell was seen under a microscope. Two days ago as I was rushing up the stairs 10 minutes prior to the beginning of an AAT patient’s arrival, I fell forward and landed on my face, splitting the inside of my upper lip and… loosening my front tooth. After cleaning up the blood from the half inch gash in my mouth, I immediately went for my bottle of ASEA and put an ounce or so in my mouth, swishing it around and leaving it on the cut for a few minutes before swallowing it. I used the ASEA 3 more times throughout the day and saw several more patients, which prevented me from using ice. Yesterday morning the cut was completely closed, and there was very little swelling which decreased throughout the day. It is now 48 hours later and the bruising that was inside my mouth yesterday morning is practically gone, the swelling and pain in my mouth, nose and under my eye is 90% better. This shows me that when communication is correct on a cellular level, healing occurs. You can learn more at www.drlisa.teamasea.com