Healthy Lunches

Healthy Lunches

Nutrition & The Body

A school lunch box can potentially make up to 30-50% of our child’s daily food intake.

Effects of poor nutrition, especially with children, go beyond weight gain. A child who eats too much fat, sugar, sodium or processed food and too few vitamins and minerals is likely to develop a higher risk over time for several chronic health problems.

Proper nutrition is also tied to better academic performance, so kids who eat unhealthy lunches are more likely to score worse on tests and have a harder time with schoolwork. Lower IQ scores, memory difficulties, fine motor and language skills into early adulthood and beyond are all associated with lack of essential vitamins and nutrients.

A homemade lunch will keep your kids away from junk food temptations & ensure easy-access to healthier options that they will learn to love.

Better for their body & your budget

When you pack a lunch, you control the ingredients and choose items based on your budget and preference. In some cases, packing a lunch is not only healthier, but less expensive. For approximately the same cost as five days of school lunch purchases, you can buy enough ingredients to pack a healthy lunch each day, with the added peace of mind that your child has a wholesome and nutritious meal to eat.

Sugar Sabotage

80-90% of the immune system is located in the GUT

The body’s microbiome is made up of trillions of good bacteria that digest food, produce vitamins and protect the body from germs and disease. But when kids consume too much sugar, it can alter the balance between good and bad bacteria and weaken their immune systems.

One of the most common effects sugar can have on children are cold-like symptoms: chronic runny noses, excessive mucus, cough, allergies and symptoms of sinus infections. Eliminating sugars can drastically help improve these common symptoms.

Children who are “picky eaters” are most likely loading up on too much sugar, causing stomachaches and poor appetites. Crowd out high sugar foods with healthier options and soon their bodies will crave the real nutrients they need.

Approximately 80% of packaged foods contain added artificial sweeteners.

Foods to AVOID

  • Packaged fruit juice & sugary drinks
  • Flavored milk & excessive dairy
  • High sugar granola bars & processed snack packs
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Packaged dried fruit & desserts
  • Heavy pasta sauces & dressings

Foods to CHOOSE

  • Fresh fruits & veggies
  • Lean proteins
  • Healthy fats
  • Whole grains & carbs
  • Low glycemic options


Instead of flavored yogurt

Try plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in (you could also add local honey for a sweeter taste & natural immune booster).

Instead of canned fruit

Try chopping up the fresh stuff; a cup of fresh peaches has 13g of sugar, and 1 cup of canned peaches has 33g of sugar.

Instead of sweetened salad dressings & sandwich spreads

Try making your own balsamic vinaigrette or light ranch, choosing mustard, homemade guacamole or hummus vs mayonnaise.

Instead of sodas, juices & dairy

Try adding fruits & veggies like berries, lemon, ginger & cucumber to water for extra flavor.

Instead of lunchables or highly processed meats

Try getting your meat straight from the deli or pack some leftover proteins from dinner the night before.

Mold sensitivities

It has been so very rainy this summer. We have seen our treasured Ellicott City, Md go through its second devastating flood in two years. And we have had very few hours of sun in the past weeks.

There are mushrooms growing in the grass. Conditions are perfect for loads of mold and fungus to grow. Many people have had water from the rain come into their homes.

So what does this have to do with how we feel physically?

Many people are feeling stuffed up or like a sore throat or sinus infection is starting. Some are even feeling like their thoughts are jumbled into a foggy brain. There are various symptoms of mold sensitivities, from skin rash to sneezing and coughing to post nasal drip to sinus infections to foggy thinking to headache to joint pain to watery eyes to itchy scalp.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, what should you do? First of all, know what you are dealing with. If you have a mold sensitivity, it is not the same as a bacterial infection, so antibiotics are not the answer. An accurate assessment of your health is important.

There are several ways that the body can overreact to mold. Strengthening your body’s ability to handle its environment is one way to improve your health. And decreasing the stress on your body is another approach. Sometimes the organs of your body are tired and need support. And sometimes your body is misinterpreting the severity of the attack on it and then overreacting.

If you are struggling with your health, an analysis can be performed and the stress on your body can be decreased. Once your body’s organs are analyzed correctly and specifically, they can be strengthened over time with the exact treatments or supplements you need. No more guessing.

Call the Natural Health Improvement Center of Columbia, Md. at 410-717-6610 for an accurate assessment of your health. If you are a good candidate for care, we will figure out whether Nutrition Response Testing or Advanced Allergy Therapeutics would be the best way to get started.

(Please note: Mold can be very dangerous. If you have mold in your home, it is crucial that you get it remediated by a qualified company. Rainbow International is one such company that I know of and there are others.)

I couldn’t have done this 18 months ago.

Just 18 months ago I couldn’t have survived a day as busy as yesterday. Up at 7:00, breakfast and stretching til 7:45, first patient at 8:00. A full day of patient care, a patient education workshop, short breaks for a quick avocado, tomato and egg salad lunch and blackberries for a snack, ending at 8:30pm with some educational writing in preparation for the next day’s patients before winding down for the night.

Before I started my own Nutrition Response Testing(R) program, including the very supplements and foods that my body needs, I was tired and easily stressed, and far from the energetic and strong person I am today. Hypothyroidism was getting the best of me, and even my medications didn’t give me the strength and stamina I needed to get through even an ordinary day, much less an amazing day like today.

I have always strived to give the best care to the members of my community. Now I am confident that I am helping them fully, and the results I see in myself, my family and my patients proves that my choice to include Nutrition Response Testing in my practice was and is absolutely correct.

My deepest gratitude.

How do I choose an alternative chiropractor when I have pain, allergies, food sensitivities? And why might Dr. Lisa Gordon be the right doctor for me?

There are many considerations that come into play when choosing an alternative health care provider.   The top three questions that must be answered are these:

1. Do the techniques and products offered effectively address the issues that I am having?

2. Does the doctor have the experience to understand and treat my problem?

3.  Do I feel heard and well cared for?

Sometimes the right doctor makes all the difference.  Pain, allergies, illness, discomfort and stress often cause people to feel vulnerable.  Hope is often what is needed.

The process of building trust with a new doctor is crucial, and in my practice I have helped thousands of people who are not used to being touched, or who have suffered with not enough relief realize that they are safe with me and that there is hope.  As a result, they have allowed my gentle hands and voice to care for them and facilitate their healing.

Throughout my 24 years in chiropractic practice, I have sifted through the best of the healing arts and have settled on what I have seen give the most effective results.  Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to try something different.  The people who take that leap and allow me to give them that hope are happy that they did.   Their allergies and sensitivities are improving, their pain is going away, their cells are healing, their brains are functioning better and they didn’t know they could feel so well.