Financial Information

Are Nutrition Response Testing and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics covered by insurance?

Nutrition Response Testing and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics are not covered by insurance.

We are an out of network provider for Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy Modalities, and Foot Levelers orthotics. We can provide a superbill so you can submit for possible reimbursement for these services. Calling your insurance company is the best way for you to find out if you have out of network benefits for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy services.

In many cases, our services can be paid for using FSA or HSA accounts.

We recognize that you have choices regarding your health care. We provide extremely accurate, efficient and effective care.

What are your service fees?

Current fees are as follows, and are subject to change:

Chiropractic Initial Consultation and Assessment (may include a treatment, based on the doctor’s clinical judgment) 230

Regular Chiropractic and NeuroCranial Integration Visit, (according to the doctor”s clinical judgment and the patient’s needs, each visit includes some combination of Chiropractic adjustment of spine and extremities, NeuroCranial Integration, Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Electrical Stimulation, Heat or Ice) 105

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics Initial Assessment of 75 allergens (usually includes a treatment according to the doctor’s clinical judgment) 220

Further Advanced Allergy Therapeutics Visit: 125

Nutrition Response Testing Initial Evaluation: 190

Follow-up Nutrition Response Testing Visits: 65

What about the nutritional supplements?
Nutritional supplements are additional. Due to the depth of health concerns addressed, and based on the doctor’s clinical judgment, Nutrition Response Testing is offered as a program of multiple visits which will be individually determined depending upon your specific case.

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