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Welcome to the website of the Natural Health Improvement Center of Columbia. I would like to introduce you to a combination of therapies that allows people to obtain better health and return to a state of wellness. 

In my practice, I utilize Chiropractic spinal and extremity adjusting, Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Nutrition Response Testing®, Designed Clinical Nutrition, NeuroCranial Integration, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, Heart Sound Recorder Heart Revitalization programs and Custom made Foot Levelers Orthotics.

Personalized Nutrition

Dr. Lisa performed Nutrition Response Testing® on me and developed a personalized whole food supplement program for me. At first, I didn’t notice and improvements but I stuck to the supplement schedule and diet log, noting when and why I was eating sugar when I have been attempting a no-sugar lifestyle for years. After two months of working with Dr. Lisa, I felt like a switch has been thrown and I woke up feeling great. I have been getting up an hour earlier everyday, feeling well-rested. My energy levels are consistent throughout the day, without the usual afternoon slump. I am so grateful to Dr. Lisa for listening to my concerns and finding solutions to my health issues.


Pinpointing Critical Areas

When I arrived at my first visit with Dr. Lisa, I had a list of ailments that hindered the enjoyment of activities and my quality of life in general. Through Dr. Lisa’s practice and vast knowledge, she was able to pinpoint critical areas that needed attention. I am now able to enjoy daily life to the fullest and have been able to continue to explore the outdoors through moderate and strenuous hiking. Oh, and I must give praise to the shoe inserts that she expertly fitted to me personally. I have worn other (very pricey) inserts but nothing compares to the fit and feel of the inserts I purchased through her practice. Dr. Lisa is truly passionate about her work and her clients benefit greatly from it She is so caring and treats each client individually. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa, a true blessing in my life!


Whole Body Health

I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years to address the damage I’ve done to my back because of sports and my job. Dr. Lisa is by far the best and most skilled. Her encouragement, sound wisdom, and emphasis on whole-body health have been so crucial to my healing. She is one of the rare few who can see the subtleties in posture and the way the muscles move to address the deeper issues that lead to long term healing instead of temporary pain relief. I have also utilized her skills in Nutrition Response Testing® and through her skills and guidance, I have lived without nagging pains, mood swings, and fatigue. Her program really does address the layering abuse we do to our bodies through the years and she can help you live your life with a sound body.


No More Aches & Pains

I have seen many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Lisa is by far the best. She has a gift for finding and fixing the aches and pains that come about as a part of my work and life. Her Nutrition Response Testing® is also a life changer and well worth the time to learn more about your body and staying healthy. I trust nobody more than Dr. Lisa to keep me strong and in top shape and highly recommend her to everyone. She is the best. –


Sick for Two Months

I had been sick for over two months, and after going from one doctor to the next Dr. Lisa was able to resolve my ongoing issues within a few visits. She listens to every symptom and clearly explains her findings and approach. Highly recommend!! –


Menopause Madness

Menopause Madness Dr. Lisa Gordon | Natural Health Improvement Center of Columbia, MD 667-240-2923 | | Facebook @drlisagordon   What is happening? Your body is shifting from baby making and menstruating phase to a wise woman phase, and your...

What? I can find out what my body knows? YES!

I didn’t have to do it. Why did I spend more than 60 days away from home over the course of a year and a half, taking 500 hours of classes that were not required, that were well over and above the 48 hours of continuing education credits that are necessary to maintain...

Heart Sound Recorder

Your Heart Eats First The nutritional efficiency of your heart impacts every organ in your body. The heart is the only organ that can kill you with no prior symptoms, and heart disease as the leading cause of death in America. It is extremely important to focus on...

Preventing Seasonal Allergies

When spring begins, plants and trees release pollen into the air. Certain types of fungi also produce mold spores. If you’re allergic to any of these substances, your immune system will try to alert you to avoid them. It does this by releasing allergic (IgE)...

How do I choose an alternative chiropractor when I have pain, allergies, food sensitivities? And why might Dr. Lisa Gordon be the right doctor for me?

There are many considerations that come into play when choosing an alternative health care provider.   The top three questions that must be answered are these: 1. Do the techniques and products offered effectively address the issues that I am having? 2. Does the...

Visualizations and Affirmations. What do we really want?

In the dichotomy of our economic times, some people are very wealthy and have everything they want and need and others live with or in fear of economic lack.  We live in a time when we know that in many ways our attitude affects how things turn out for us.  Commonly,...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurologic disorder in which there are significant problems of attention, hyperactivity, or impulsive behavior that are not appropriate for a person’s age. Despite being a very commonly studied and diagnosed...

The Impact of Food Sensitivities

As improbable as it sounds, some people get a stomachache, headache, or other uncomfortable symptoms from eating “healthy” foods such as whole grains, milk, or even fruits and vegetables. For reasons we do not fully understand, for some individuals, eating a specific...

Preventing Seasonal Allergies

When spring begins, plants and trees release pollen into the air. Certain types of fungi also produce mold spores. If you’re allergic to...

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