In the dichotomy of our economic times, some people are very wealthy and have everything they want and need and others live with or in fear of economic lack.  We live in a time when we know that in many ways our attitude affects how things turn out for us.  Commonly, we visualize what we hope for, and in our images, we open our minds to extreme wealth, abundance, riches.

On my morning walk today, it occurred to me that I feel stress when I visualize these things and I wondered why.  As I recreate myself at age 55, I suppose that I don’t entirely trust that I will end up as wealthy as Warren Buffett, so my fear of failure rears its ugly head and confuses me as to whether I am on the right path.  What I realize however, is that I may be asking for the wrong quality.  I don’t need overabundant riches.  It is more accurate to visualize and affirm that I have enough.  Maybe even plenty.  Enough to be comfortable, to do my life’s work,  to have what I need and enough more to do what I want to do in my life.  When I settled into the visualization of having enough, I felt a sigh of relief and a wave of gratitude and comfort flowed through me.

Then something happened.  My day was much easier than I had expected under the circumstances.  There was a crazy storm late Friday night to start out the weekend.  I had never heard of this version of a hurricane called a Derecho.  The winds topped 80 mph and trees snapped right and left while the sky was brightly lit with constant lightening.  I am writing this Monday night, and electricity was, and is still out for millions of people.  The temperatures have been in the upper 90s and low 100s and it is very difficult.  For some reason, our electricity went on in 2 days rather than the typical 5 days we usually wait, which alleviated my various worries.  We had a huge pine branch down in the front yard, a common occurrence during any significant wind or snow storm, and we didn’t have the equipment necessary to handle the job.  As soon as we had finished cleaning up what we could, a friend and her husband came over and not only cut the 20 foot long, 8 inch wide branch, but took the extra wood with them to deliver to the dump where it will be made into mulch.

The ease of opening my mind and heart to receiving enough of whatever I need rather than to the extreme may have created the space for a gentle offering of help at exactly the right time.  I am so grateful today, for the generosity of friends, for weathering the storm, for knowing without a doubt that I am on the right path.